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Lymphstar Pro Fusion

Thousands of people have discovered the therapeutic benefits of the Lymphstar Pro® - a wellness technology that enhances detoxification of the body by improving lymphatic circulation. The Lymphstar Pro Fusion® can operate even more energetic modalities – phototherapy, pain therapy, esthetics and more – all from one system.

Vibrational Lymphatic therapy improves the ENTIRE circulation of the body by encouraging the body to RELEASE toxins and accumulated fluid and proteins between the cells. It does this through a combination of energies. As it improves lymphatic fluid flow it also works on the acupuncture meridian systems and points, clearing blocks and restoring balance. Together it accelerates detoxification of tissues and energetic and fluid flow! Thus, it supports:


  • Improved immune function through enhanced toxin release. (general detoxification)
  • Relaxation and balanced energy for release of stress. (parasympathetic effect)
  • Decongestion for Women’s and Men’s issues. (hormone distribution)
  • Improved chronic and acute and muscle pain management. (helps with inflammation)
  • The most advanced form of skincare, offering beauty from the inside out.
  • Enhances benefits of all skin care procedures and topical treatments. (improves drainage)


“After using the Lymphstar for a month, it really changed my life! I suffered from SEVERE migraine for years ever since I was a child. Also I had really bad sinus and allergy. They seemed to go away!! Amazing!”  -Helen Lin, Orange, CA

“I have had the privilege of working with the Lymphstar cleansing technique. This therapy is especially important during times when the body is dealing with infections, cancer, or after surgery. But I believe it is equally as important as a maintenance therapy for healthy individuals. I highly recommend integrating Lymphatic Cleansing into a holistic approach to healing and preventive health care.” – Jackson L. Harvey, MD, Medical Director, Seattle, WA


Common Applications


Pain and General Conditions: Breast lumps & pain, inflammation due to muscular trauma, chronic pain, allergy & sinus symptoms, generalized swelling, headaches, hormone imbalance and female conditions, digestive and bowel problems, post dental procedures, fibromyalgia, toxicity, and fatigue syndromes (chronic).

Orthopedic & Rehabilitation: Minimize and reduce swelling in injury rehab, improve slow healing, assist with lymphedema (medical studies are ongoing); perform therapy pre and post-operative treatment to accelerate recovery. LET Lymphatic therapy can also minimize old scars minimize the formation of excessive scar tissue; helps with pain.

Sports Medicine: for injury rehabilitation & injuries in general. When using phototherapy devices such as a low level laser and/or LED light technology, results are optimized when preceded and/or followed by LET lymphatic therapy. Use before and after athletics to increase performance and decrease muscle and tendon strain.

Wellness & Detoxification: Excellent for Detoxification; substantial releases can occur in the days following therapy. Excellent teamed with sauna, colon hydrotherapy, & our Cygnus Aqua Cleanse detox bath. Clears the digestion and enhances proper elimination.

Stress Relief: Provides a feeling of relaxation, emotional balance, a sense of well-being, and increased energy. Parasympathetic effect is profound. Women’s hormone issues helped. Supports drug detox, emotional trauma treatment & more.

Esthetics: Cosmetic enhancement through the reduction of fluid deposits in the face, healthier skin, supporting all cellulite reduction therapies, & post-procedures such laser resurfacing, peels, and plastic surgery. LET Lymphatic therapy can minimize scars and minimizes the formation of new scar tissue.

Obesity: can be helped with improved lymphatic flow. When old congested deposits are relieved, inches can be lost. Improved digestion allows diet and exercise programs to be far more effective. Not a direct weight loss modality, though many people loose puffiness around the face and some areas of the hips and belly can improve once stagnant lymph fluid moves out. Can support other weight loss methods & cellulite treatments, lipo technologies & detoxification modalities.

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