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Who should have thermography?


The information gained from a thermogram is valuable to men and women. Inflammation is at the root of most diseases. Thermography is an ideal tool for monitoring inflammatory changes in your body and can identify patterns that suggest:


Breast Cancer & Risk Assessment

Dental Pathology & Infection

Digestive Disorders

Heart Disease & Potential for Stroke

Lymphatic Stagnation

Neuropathy & Vascular Disorders

Joint Dysfunction & Arthritis

Referred Pain & Trigger Points

Injuries & Fractures


Everyone has their own unique "thermal fingerprint." By having regular comparative thermographic check-ups, you are able to take action before a disease process gains a firm foothold in your body.


For breast imaging specifically, Thermography fills the clinical gap for:


Dense breasts

Breasts with implants

Previous radiation treatment

Women from teens to age 50




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